When are Cabbages in Season?

You see, that’s the good thing about cabbages.  They are delicious, they can be cooked in various ways and best of all, they are always in season.

Although its peak season is in the fall, cabbage can be grown all-year round.  All you need to do is carefully choose which variety to grow as cabbages are classified, not just according to their color and shape, but also when they are harvested.

There’s the spring, summer, autumn and winter cabbage varieties and they all refer to when cabbage is picked.

Spring cabbage is sown outside late in July up to early September and is harvested from the months of April and May.  Good varieties for the spring cabbage are ‘Harbinger’ and ‘Offenham.’

Summer cabbage must be sown in April and May so you can have delicious cabbages to harvest in July and September.   Recommended varieties for the summer cabbage are ‘Hispi,’ ‘Stonehead,’ and ‘Minicole.’

Autumn cabbage is sown usually late in May and is harvested in October.

If you prefer to harvest in November and December, choose the winter cabbage and sow them in the months of June and July.  ‘January King’ or ‘Celtic’ is one of the winter cabbage cultivars you can plant for this specific season.

Cabbage is a hardy plant that can tolerate cold and heat.  This makes it possible for you to have fresh cabbage any time of the year!