Tips for Successfully Cooking Cabbage


Cabbage are popular both in its raw and cooked form.  The thing is, if it’s not properly cooked, it gives an unpalatable smell and soggy appearance most people dislike and children have nightmares about.

So, how should cabbage be cooked?  How would you know you have successfully cooked it?

Even when cooked, cabbage should be crispy and crunchy.  Its unique flavor must be retained and in order to achieve this, never, ever overcook cabbage.

Valuable nutritional qualities are lost in cooking and it also results to the sogginess most people hate.

The best way to successfully cook cabbage is to steam them or at least cook them in small amounts of water with a little butter.  Turn off the heat even when the cabbage is still slightly crispy and looks a little undercooked.  Why?  The water would take some time to cool off and the cabbage will eventually be cooked in its remaining heat.

If you are going to use cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls, one good way of softening the leaves would be to put it in the freezer for a couple of hours first.

When it’s frozen, defrost, cut the core and wash thoroughly.  By this time, the leaves would be soft enough to be flexible for rolling.

There are actually a great many ways to cook cabbage.  It can be boiled, baked, stewed or stir-fried.  But good cooking starts with choosing the best ingredients, so start with selecting a good cabbage head that’s fresh and firm, its leaves intact and dense.