The Different Types of Cabbage

You might be familiar with just the green type of cabbage, which is what you usually see in your green grocers, but the truth is, there are different types of cabbage – and they’re not all green.

In general, cabbage is classified according to color – green, red and savoy.

Of course, the green variety is the most common.  It can be eaten raw or cooked.  It contains a high level of folate – higher than that of the two other types.  Its firm texture is the best for slaw.

The red cultivar cannot keep up with the green cabbage in folate-content.  But it does have an edge over the green ones – it contains more Vitamin C.

This cabbage type takes longer to mature so they are not as tender as the green variety.  Red cabbage is most often pickled or shredded to add color to traditional green salads.

If you are after the beautiful red color of this cabbage type, be sure not to cook it along with any food that has alkaline.  If you do, the compound that gives the red cabbage its color will turn blue

Savoy can be indentified with its curly, ruffled leaves.  It also has deeper ridges and veins and a flavor that’s mild enough to be great for wraps and salads.  Savoy is the only one among the three varieties to contain beta-carotene.

Aside from color, cabbages are also grouped according to the shape of its head and the season when it is harvested.

Some cabbage heads are conical, some are round, while some cultivars are pointed with each shape containing varying degrees of densely-packed leaves.

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