Site and Soil Suitable for Successful Cabbage Growing

Cabbage is easy enough to grow and they’re delicious, too.  So if you have a small site in your backyard, and a soil suitable for growing cabbage, it would be practical and rewarding to grow this vegetable.


If you are lucky enough to have a spacious garden, pick a reasonably sunny area for your cabbages.  Ideally, it’s best to choose a site where beans and peas used to grow as their roots have lots of nitrogen which can be useful for your cabbage.

If not, you can prepare the soil yourself so your cabbage plants will thrive.

Apply a general fertilizer to your soil a week prior to planting.  A combination of manure and compost mixed with commercial fertilizer is the best approach in soil preparation.  Tread the soil down and rake it over making sure to remove rubbish from the surface.

Then, cover the area with sifted mature compost – or organic matter compost, if you have it.  Tamp the soil surface to make it firm.

Your soil should also have an acidity of 6.5 to 7pH, but if your soil is acidic, you can apply lime while you are preparing the soil.  Doing this would prevent your cabbage from getting club root, a disease common among cabbages.

If you are growing cabbage in beds, it should be raised to 30 centimeters high and a meter wide.  There should be a distance of 25 centimeters in between beds.

While your cabbage plants are growing, make sure the soil stays moist.  To make sure they can get enough nutrients from the soil, top dress it with liquid feed like seaweed fertilizer.  This would affirm that you would grow healthy cabbages come harvest time.