Pests That Attack Cabbage Plants

It isn’t just us, humans, who find cabbages appetizing.  Some pests do, too.  They attack and feed on the fresh, crisp leaves even before you have tasted the fruits of your own labor.

There are quite a number of insects that feed on cabbage.  However, some of them can easily be avoided or minimized by following some kind of crop rotation plan.

So, if you want to protect your cabbage plants, get to know who your enemies are and how to fight them:

1. Diamond Backmoth


This light green larvae feed on the leaves of cabbage creating holes as time pass by.  When you inspect your plants and find the leaves full of holes, you can be sure you have diamond backmoth somewhere around the area.

To fight them off, spray your cabbage with insecticide or use 500 g of neem leaves for every liter of water.

2. Caterpillars

Caterpillars feed and lay their eggs on the cabbage leaves and its undersides.  If left unattended, it would surely create havoc to young, growing cabbage plants.  You can either squish them or use “Just Caterpillar” which you can get from your local garden center.

3. Cabbage Moth

This pest loves to feed on young leaves, preferably the bud or growing tips of the leaves.  You may use neem leaves extracts to control cabbage moths.

4. Flea Beatles

These are tiny pests which can make sieves out of your cabbage plants.  Protect your crops from them by using a horticultural fleece or floating row cover over your cabbage.

You can also prevent them from multiplying by regularly hoeing the soil to destroy its eggs.

5. Aphids

These are soft-bodied insects the bunch together on the lower side of young leaves.  It weakens the cabbage plant and introduces viruses.

To control the growth of aphids, you can either spray your plants with insecticides, remove the affected leaves and burn them, or plant marigolds as the companion of your cabbage.

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