How to Remove the Smell of Boiled Cabbage


Cooked cabbage is sweet and delicious.  But you wouldn’t want to be around while it’s still in the pot, cooking.  But if you are the one who’s going to prepare the dish, you would want to know a few tips to remove its unpleasant smell which can sadly last for hours.

There are actually several ways you can employ to tone down, if not totally eliminate the smell of boiled cabbage.  But first, you have to understand where the smell is coming from.

Cabbage releases a gas called hydrogen sulphide when boiled – now that is what you can smell.  As the boiling time reaches five minutes or more, the smell becomes stronger.

If you dislike smelling that smell, cut your boiling time to under five minutes.  This would prevent the gas from escaping.  To make the leaves soften faster, remove them from the head and loosely boil.

If you need to boil the cabbage for more than five minutes, you can add something to the water to suppress the smell.

A whole unshelled walnut will work, half of a fresh lemon, a little vinegar cider, or a stalk of celery should do the trick.

You can also use your microwave to soften cabbage leaves minus the smell.  Just cover the cabbage head with a moist paper towel, stuff it in the microwave and cook for a few minutes till it becomes a little soft.  Then after that, that’s the time you boil the leaves under five minutes.

Just choose from among these simple but very effective tips and you would surely be able to create wonderful cabbage recipes without the torture of smelling the cabbage leaves!

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  1. sandylizadrews says:

    Few drops lemon always kills cabbage smells