How Long Before Cabbages Mature?

A popular vegetable in all parts of the world, cabbage have many varieties.  Thus, its maturity is also varied and depends on which cultivar was planted.

Cabbage, in a broad sense, can be classified according to the shape of their heads and the time of their maturity – the early variety and the late variety.

Early varieties have a fast life – they grow quickly and mature quickly, too – about 45 days from being planted.  They are characterized by having small and dense heads.  They are also juicy and tender.  However, the downside for this variety is that they do not store well.

Some early cabbage varieties include Golden Acre, Stonehead Hybrid, and Early Jersey Wakefield.

Late varieties on the other hand, take 87 days or so before it can be harvested.  They have large heads and only the center section is eaten.

Best for sauerkraut, the late variety is the longest-keeping of all cabbage types.  They are great for slaw and salads, too, as they are thin-leaved, mildly flavored and tasty.

Some of the late, not to mention very hardy cabbage types include Danish Ballhead, January King, Wivoy, Red Rodan, Rougette, Savonarch, Bently, and Gloria.