How Does the “Cabbage Soup Diet” Work?

If you have heard of the famous “Cabbage Soup Diet,” you might also be interested to find out how it works.  Because when it comes to one’s health – especially undertaking any kind of diet — it is safer to understand what it is first and how it works.

What it is

Cabbage Soup Diet is the name of a kind of diet that basically consists of soups alone.  It could be made of cabbage and other low-calorie vegetables and fruits.  Limited quantity of meat and skim milk are allowed for protein needs.

How it Works

This type of diet does not provide any specific directions to exercise or correct bad habits.  It does not tell you to stop eating after the first serving.

However, only certain foods are allowed each day.  Basically, this diet is made out of soups of any kind of vegetables and fruits that are low in calories such as cabbage.  You can eat as much as you want, anytime you want it, provided that you eat only soups.

A limited amount of meat and milk are included to supply for your protein needs.  Here is a sample week plan of the diet:

Day 1 – Cabbage soup and as many serving of fruits as you want except bananas

Day 2 – Cabbage soup and another low-calorie vegetable and one jacket potato

Day 3 – Cabbage soup and any fruit and vegetables except potatoes and bananas

Day 4 – Cabbage soup and as many as eight bananas and as much skimmed milk as you desire

Day 5 – Cabbage soup and as much as 20 ounces of beef, plus as many as six tomatoes

Day 6 – Cabbage soup and as much beef and vegetables as you want except potatoes

Day 7 – Cabbage soup and brown rice, vegetables except potatoes, plus any unsweetened fruit juice

The cabbage soup may vary provided all is cabbage-based and the rest of the ingredients are made out of low-calories vegetables.

Its Drawbacks


It does work.  People who strictly follow the instructions temporarily lose weight and lose it very quickly.  However, it has a few drawbacks.


Because the diet is not balanced — it is said to have been designed for very sick people who are going to undergo heart surgery — there is danger of temporary malnutrition.  And much of the weight loss will be regained after the diet is stopped.

But since you will be cutting your calorie-intake to near-starvation levels–it is like a week of fasting — you would surely lose 10 to 17 pounds in just seven days.

It’s a quick-fix, but not the solution for proper weight loss.  Dieticians still say the most effective method of losing weight is a balanced and healthy diet plus exercise.

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