Eating Cabbage as a Prevention Against Cancer

Cancer must be one of the most scary, if not the scariest illness of the 21st century.  Up until today, there is no absolute cure for it.  But do you know that eating cabbage may help prevent this disease?

According to researchers, eating brussel sprouts, cabbage and other members of the cabbage family kills cancer cells when it is combined with traditional chemotherapy.

What makes researchers, nutritionists and scientists believe in this vegetable?

A study presented at the National Cancer Research Conference in Britain found that indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a compound in green, leafy vegetables like cabbage is a cancer-fighting agent by making it makes the cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy drugs.

The cabbage’s high levels of phytochemicals called glusinolates, which our bodies convert to isothiocyanates, is also a powerful anti-carcinogen.

Results of the research showed the cancer cells in breast cancer patients, after eating 300 to 400mg of I3C, were easily killed when exposed to chemo drugs.  I3C could also help patients suffering from colon cancer.

94 other studies that aim to find the link between Brassica vegetables like cabbage and cancer indicate that 67% of case control studies showed a reduced risk of cancer – especially cancer of the lung, stomach and colon — to those who eat this vegetable.

Other types of cancer cabbage fights include prostate, bladder and ovarian cancers.

Diet plays a significant role in our health, but this doesn’t discount the genetic makeup of the individual.  However, it is best to control the things we can control in order to prevent this illness.

Cancer prevention, like the prevention of many other diseases, should begin in childhood in order to avoid them later on in life.