Commonly Grown Cabbages Types

Because cabbage is delicious and can be enjoyed in a lot of dishes, it’s a great vegetable to grow in your garden.  There are over 400 different varieties of cabbage so choosing what to cultivate can be confusing.

Here are some commonly cultivated cabbage types by home gardeners.  It might give you a few ideas and help you decide which one to grow in your own backyard.

Green Cabbage

Cabbage is divided into three main types: green, red and savoy.  Green is the commonly grown variety although the red cabbage is fast becoming popular, too.

Cheers is a cultivar of the green cabbage and is great to grow in your garden.  It has round, solid heads and can tolerate black rot and thrips.  It is also resistant to fusarium wilt or “yellows.”  Cheers take about 75 days to mature.

King Cole, another green cabbage variety, takes a little earlier to mature – around 63 days.  But instead of round, it has a pointed head.  Two of its great characteristics are is stands well and can tresist splitting.

Red Cabbage

Red cabbage with its slightly peppery taste and attractive color is a great addition in salads.

Red Meteor is a red cabbage cultivar that is firm and can thrive in all seasons.  It is harvested 75 days after sowing.

Ruby Ball cultivars are heavy – around four pounds per head and takes slightly earlier to mature compared to the Red Meteor – 71 days.  They are slow to burst and can withstand both cold and heat.

Savoy Cabbage

A less common cabbage variety is savoy.  It is more open-headed and is great for slaws and salads.

Two recommended varieties that falls under savoy are Savoy King and Savoy Queen.  Both have a deep, dark green color with a few days difference in their maturity period – Savoy King takes 85 days to harvest while Savoy Queen takes 88 days.