Cabbage Soup with Green and Red Peppers

Cabbage Soup with Green and Red Peppers Recipe

A perfect cabbage soup for those weight conscious
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Weight loss diet soup recipe that contains no calories and is full of vegetables.


6 large spring onions
3 carrots
2 medium green peppers
1 large cabbage
300g mushrooms
1 bunch of celery
12 teaspoons bouillon powder dissolved in 3 liters of water
1 teaspoon curry powder, optional

Recipe Instructions

Prepare the vegetables.
Spray a pot with cooking spray and place on the stove. Slice the spring onions and start to sauté. Add the tinned tomatoes. Prepare the green peppers and cut into bite size pieces, place in the pot. Cut the cabbage into bite size pieces and add to the pot. Clean the carrots, cut into bite size pieces and add to the pot. Slice the mushrooms thickly and add to the pot. If desired, you can now add the curry powder.

Mix the bouillon powder with 3 liters of water and add this to the pot. Cover the pot and turn the heat down to low. Let the soup cook for 2 hours. Season to taste with salt and pepper.



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  1. Brian says:

    This and several other recipes do not print the ingredients

  2. cabbage says:

    Hi Brian – yes you are right. This is a glitch with the site. Please copy and paste the ingredients and instructions into a document and print.