Cabbage: Its Different Varieties

Do you know that nowadays, there are actually more than 400 different varieties of cabbage?  If you are going to buy one and they’re all available in the supermarket, it’s surely enough to give you a headache!

Cabbage is truly diverse.  They come in different colors (yes, not just green) and shapes.  Some are round and conical while some have pointed heads.  The varieties of some cabbage have loose leaves, some are dense and compact.

But aside from the color and shape, cabbage can also be classified according to the season when it is harvested.

There’s the Spring Cabbage and as its name suggests, it is harvested in the spring.  Basically, springs are characterized by a pointed head, but new cultivars are round.  Young spring cabbage is great for salads.  Some spring varieties include Pixie, Offenham and Greensleeves.

Early summer varieties also have pointed heads like the spring type.  Some of its variety like Ruby Ball, is used not just for food, but also as an ornamental plant.  Other summer cabbage types are Derby Day, First of June and Hispi.

In general, the late summer and autumn varieties have round shapes, although some do come with pointed heads.  Golden Acre, Stonehead and Qickstep, to name a few, are included in this cultivar.

Winter type cabbage have heads the shape of a ball.  They are very hardy, but quite tasty.  They are also very attractive.  A few examples of cabbage included in the winter cultivar are Ice Queen, Multiton and January King 3.

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