Cabbage: A Crop that Grows All-Year Round

If you love cabbage as much as most people do, you’d be glad to know you can grow it in your own backyard and that it grows nearly all-year round.

Cabbage is a hardy crop that can withstand both the cold and heat.  They are also very productive.  A hectare of cabbage will yield more compared to other vegetables.

If you want to have a supply of cabbage all throughout the year, all you need to do is to choose the right variety to be planted at the right season, do staggered sowing, proper crop management and rotation, and you’ll sure to have a steady supply.

You can choose which are suitable for growing between spring, summer, autumn, and winter cabbage varieties.

Spring cabbage is sown in July and August and is harvested in March and May.  Two of the best varieties for the spring cabbage are Offenham and Harbinger.

Summer cabbage must be sown in April and May if you want to have cabbage supply in July to October.  Suitable varieties for this type of cultivar are Stonehead and Hispi.

Autumn cabbage is said to be the sweetest among the four varieties.  Savoy Cabbage Melissa is an autumn cabbage that stands well through the autumn.  Its sweet taste is great for mixed salads and stir-fries.

Winter cabbage is typically sown in June and is harvested in December through February.  January King or Celtic is a good variety for the winter cabbage.

Timing is also crucial when planting cabbage.  A steady harvest is possible if you plant several varieties with different harvest or maturity dates.